Former lab members

Kedir Turi (PhD: 2015)
Venderbilt University, Assistant Professor

Mary Christoph (MPH/PhD: 2016)
University of Minnesota, Post-Doc

Dayanna Reeves (MS: 2016)
Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Medical Case Manager

Natalie Bradford (BS: 2012, MS: 2014)
University of California, Los Angeles, PhD Student

Sarah Geiger (MS: 2009)
Northern Illinois university, Assistant Professor

Taylor Hirsch (BS: 2018)
Rush University, MS Student

Zainab Alaka (BS: 2018)

Belinda Grant (BS: 2018)

Ariana Beattie (BS: 2017)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Aisha Tepede (BS: 2017)
NORC at University of Chicago

Mark Krupa (BS: 2014)
RCM Laboratories, Project Manager 

Mary Rooney (BS: 2013)
University of Minnesota, PhD Student

Divya Nagpal (BS: 2012)
University of Michigan, MS Student


Former Researcher

Minh Dung (Virak) Hoang Le (2017-2018)
Asian Counseling and Referral Service, Clinical Case Manager


Visiting Scholar

Cajetan Ilo (2015-2016)
Ebonyi State University, Nigeria, Senior Lecturer